Product: Xylitol Natural Sweetener

Xylitol Natural Sweetener


Xylitol is a low-glycemic index natural sweetener typically derived from the Birch tree or corn husk. Xylitol may be used instead of sugar and added to a range of drinks, foods and baked goods, such as smoothies, protein balls, muffins and pancakes. Xylitol is classed as a sugar-alcohol, along with sorbitol and maltitol. It has minimal impact on blood sugar and promotes oral hygiene with natural anti-bacterial effects.  


Feature & Benefits

  • 75% Sweetness of Sugar.
  • Natural Sweetener.
  • Promotes Oral Health.
  • Low Glycemic Index.
  • Perfect for Coffee & Smoothies.
  • Add to Recipes & Baked Goods.



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