Whole Pitted Prunes

Whole Pitted Prunes are a delicious product rich in natural nutrition and fibre, supporting healthy digestion and bowel motions. Prunes are great as a snack and offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits. To add a delicious fruity flavour to meals, try chopping or dicing them into small pieces and mixing into a range of products, such as baked goods.

Features & Benefits
Quality Pitted Produce.
Naturally Delicious.
Rich in Natural Fibre.
Support Healthy Bowels.

INGREDIENTS: Whole Pitted Prunes. May Contain Traces of Sorbic Acid.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

A prune is a dried plum, most commonly from the European plum. Not all plum species or varieties can be dried into prunes. A prune is the firm-fleshed fruit of Prunus domestica varieties that have a high soluble solids content that does not ferment during drying.

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