Quality Chilli Paste

With this premium Purewellness Chilli Paste at hand, you can add just the right amount of heat and flavor to transform your meals. This product works perfectly as a condiment or as a recipe ingredient to help you create just the right amount of bite for your next meal.


This homemade chili paste is a handy basic to have in your fridge. It is a staple in South East Asian kitchens and is used in so many different ways: as a condiment, a marinade, and an all-purpose cooking ingredient.

So many recipes in Asia call for the inclusion of chili paste. Rather than grinding it up from scratch each time or substituting it with fresh chilies, this paste can be kept on hand, ready to go. You’ll have the double benefit of a time-saving ingredient whenever you need it and your final dish will have a deeper, more well-rounded flavor than when using fresh chilies.

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