Premium Organic Beetroot Powder



The most premium beetroot powder available from Germany!

With exercise and health enthusiasts looking to the power of plants more with each passing decade, beetroot has become one of the true and lasting super-foods. Organic Beetroot Powders offer the means to boost your beetroot intake without having to consume kilograms of fresh produce daily.

Scientific research shows that beetroot consumption offers tangible benefits. Organic Beetroot Powder contains valuable phytonutrients called nitrates, that support nitric oxide. This may enhance nutrient delivery during exercise, such as oxygen, glucose and amino acids. This is believed to be one of the reasons why organic beetroot powder may support exercise performance. Folate is also a biological requirement for nitric oxide synthesis.

Betaine has been added to pre-workout powders for years, though there’s simply no better way to get your daily dose than from a natural product, such as Organic Beetroot Powder. Betaine has been studied in many clinical trials and may be added to juice or water and consumed daily. Or simply add to your favourite pre-workout or intra-workout powder. You may like to use this product as a base for a natural pre-workout powder that delivers the power of plants!

DESCRIPTION: The good quality, ground fruits of Beta vulgaris (beetroot) offer a light to medium dark purple/red colour. Due to the agricultural nature of this product, seasonal colour variation are to be expected.

  • STORAGE: Product should be stored in cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight.
  • SHELF LIFE: If stored as requested shelf life is 18 months from the date of packing

INGREDIENT LISTING: 100% Organic Beetroot Powder.

Country of Origin: Germany

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