Product: Organic Figs Dry Diced

Organic Figs Dry Diced


Product Name : Turkish Organic Diced Dried Figs
Article n° of the product: AKS.DCO715
Ingredients : 100% Organic Figs
Country of Origin : Turkey
Intended Use: For human consumption, can be eaten directly after opening as a snack
Consumer Group : General Purpose food. All ages of people
Consumer Attention : No warning
Packaging Type : 10 kg cases in bulk
Related Standard : TS 541
Description : Produced from the naturally sun dried sound ripe fruits of the “Sarilop” figs (Ficus Cárica L.)
grown in Turkey which has been subject to stringent cleaning & inspection process to ensure a product free of
foreign infestation and fermentation.
Dried figs seeds give a taste like nuts. Dried figs have a taste like honey and nuts. Because of its high sugar
content, figs are very suitable for dried fruit processing


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