Jojoba Oil 100ml



Company Profile

Purewellness specializes in flexible tailored production runs, manufacturing, product development,

formulating and supplying product that is retail ready. As well as manufacturing and marketing our

own brands, we offer private label manufacturing and product design for your brands.

Established in 2006 and based on the Gold Coast, Purewellness currently markets several sports, health,

weight management and nutrition brands within Australia Purewellness is experienced in manufacturing for other well

known brands, our dedicated and knowledgeable team have over 25 years experience in the

food and beverage industries, designing customised solutions for some of Australia’s most successful

food organisations.

Company Mission

Since our inception we strive to provide a truly high standard in customer support, pre- and post-sales

manufacturing support as well as supplying a product that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Our Customers

Our past and present customers include:- Woolworths, Coles, Nestle, Sanitarium, Uncle Toby’s,Fat Blaster,

Don Smallgoods, Rosita’s (Now Mission), Taylor’s, San Remo, Freedom Foods, Sakata, Real McCoy Snacks

Greens Foods, Steggles, Biada, Staminade, Krispy Kremes, Aussie Bodies,Max’s, Jenny Craig,

Optislim, Fernwood Fitness, Body Science, Pharmacare & Cat Media,Belaroma,DiBella Coffee and Merlo

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Purewellness boasts the highest Quality Assurance Standards and Certifications. We always maintain

our fully compliant standards in accordance with regulations and industry requirements. We

hold certifications and memberships in the following organizations: PW operates under the strict

H.A.C.C.P and GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) guidelines. Our technical services are

designed to produce consistent product quality through computerised formulation and

manufacturing procedures. Detailed specifications from batching of raw materials through to the

finished products are maintained and adhered to. Our Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) and

Quality Assurance programs ensure complete traceability of all raw materials used in our processes.

Fully implemented Quality Control Program, providing clients with the assurance that the highest

standards of food safety are undertaken in all processes. All of our staff are trained in the

‘Basic Food Hygiene and Good Food Handling Practices’ program, as stipulated in the HACCP

program.  Purewellness provides comprehensive microbiological analysis of all products upon request. These

are conducted at various stages of the manufacturing process, ensuring the quality of our products

always remain free of contaminants.

Manufacturing Facility

Our factory is based on the Gold Coast, Australia

Our production capabilities;

  • Fully stainless steel ribbon blenders with 2mm screened rotary sieves, digitalised

PLC controlled filling equipment.

  • Form fill and seal pillow pack machines
  • Sachet packaging machines
  • Liquid filling lines (PET Bottles)
  • Continual modernisation and upgrades to plant and equipment.
  • Boasting a one stop shop for formulation design, manufacturing, warehousing, and

shipping in one facility.

  • Volume purchasing power = increased savings to customer.
  • We have the production and purchasing capacity necessary to be your first choice

for customised concepts and your partners in packaging.



Production Capabilities

Packaging formats available:

– Sachet Packaging (20mm wide min 130 wide max)

– Bulk product supply

– Cartons

– Bottles

– Multi wall Bags

– Buckets tubs and jars

– Pillow packs from 250gram up to 3kg (300mm wide max)

Current Products Manufactured:

– Hot Chocolate

– Beverage Whiteners

– Chocolate/Coffee Mixes

– Frappes

– Fruit preparations sweet and savoury sauces and flavoured coffee syrups

– Fortified Protein Blends

– Milk Powder Blends

– Nutritional powder mixes

– Nutraceutical Additives (Functional Foods)

Amino Acids / Vitamin Minerals fortification for all blends

– Herbal Supplements

– Sports Supplements

Purewellness is as committed to nurturing your brand as much as you are!

We understand the importance of producing the most professionally presented quality products

possible as if they were our own!

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 10 X 100ml Jojoba Oil in pet clear plastic bottles.

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