Product: Erythritol Sweetener (Natural)

Erythritol Sweetener (Natural)


Erythritol is a natural sweetener that offers a clean sweetness without any after-taste. This product is made from pure powdered erythritol, is certified natural and non-GMO product. Erythritol Sweetener is made with the assistance of fermentation and is found naturally in a wide variety of foods, such as many fruits and mushrooms, as well as cheese, wine and soy sauce.

Erythritol Sweetener has a glycemic index of zero and may be used as a sugar substitute in a wide variety of foods and drinks. For instance, powdered erythritol may be used in smoothies, chocolates, yoghurt and protein balls.

Features & Benefits

  • Glycemic Index is Zero.
  • All Natural & Non-GMO.
  • 70% Sweetness of Sugar.
  • 24 Calories per 100g.
  • Oral Hygiene Friendly Sugar.
  • Perfect for Home Cooking.

INGREDIENTS: Erythritol.

Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.

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