Purewellness manufacture a large range of products and can tailor products to suit your specific needs. We can offer a number of different alternatives to assist you to achieve your needs.



Simply purchase a product or products from our site, which have a 10kg MOQ.

If you’re not sure where to start, samples are available in the drop down menu for each product for your assessment.

When you ave decided on a bulk powder to purchase, select the packaging you require.

Decide if your product needs scoops or silica sachets, with recommendations made on the product page. 

You can ship your labels to us when they are ready so we can apply them to your chosen packaging. 

Once your product is complete, we will ship out your order or you can pick-up up from Southport, QLD.

There is a 3 week lead time on these orders.


We develop, formulate and manufacture your product.
  • We require a Product Development Fee to cover our investment of time and raw material costs in order to develop the products that will be manufactured on your behalf. Part of this payment will be deducted from your first order if the product goes to production. 
  • Minimum Order Quantity per custom product, per flavour, is 25kg. We may need to increase this depending on the minimum order quantities of the raw materials that we have to obtain.
  • Re-Orders 25kg MOQs runs still apply to re-orders.
  • Labels – We provide you with all mandatory label information, including nutritional panels, ingredient declarations and percentage of ingredients originating in Australia. However, you need to provide us with the Labels to apply, unless you choose to do this yourself.
  • Order Lead Times We require 4 – 6 weeks lead time (sometimes as long as 8) in order to fulfill all orders satisfactorily.
  • If you require ingredients that we don’t carry as a standard, you may be required provide these ingredients.
  • Credit Terms – All new accounts commence on cash up front for the first 10 orders and will be reviewed periodically.
  • Freight Charges Apply to all orders at cost.
  • GST – All prices are quoted as not including GST.
  • Quotes – are based on the blend or ingredient (bulk powder) and packaging is generally given as a separate price. As there are so many variables with packaging we let you decide what sizes you want your products packed in and how this will effect your costing. All prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the time of the quote.
  • Manufacturing agreements will be required on large orders. The manufacturing agreement will be provided.
  • Credit Card Charges of 2% will apply to any invoice paid by Credit Card.


The alternative to the above is to use one of our standard run product lines.
  • Minimum Order – The minimum order size is dropped (10kg MOQ)
  • pricing is based on size of the orders, volume discounts. Most prices are available on the product page.
  • Lead Times – For most of these items we still require 3  week lead time
  • Labels – If you are purchasing our packaging, we will apply your labels for free (as long as you ship us your finished labels). If you use your own packaging, there are labelling/filling fees per unit. 
  • Freight Charges Apply to all orders
  • GST – All prices are quoted as not including GST
  • Packaging is available for your selection in our packaging section. You can choose stand-up pouches or tubs.
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